How many teams are in the top 4 in the Premier League?

Contrary to the situation of Liverpool alone on the road to the throne, the top 4 English Premier League race this season is more attractive than ever with the participation of dozens of teams.

Manchester City (51 points), Leicester (49 points), Chelsea (41 points), Tottenham (37 points), Sheffield (36 points), MU (35 points), Wolverhampton (35 points), Everton (33 points) and Arsenal, Burnley, Newcastle, Southampton (with 31 points) – a total of 12 teams “scrambled” behind Liverpool (scores calculated before the 26th round).

With the outstanding score with his bravery, Manchester City probably also held the ticket to the Champions League next season. The top 4 race should probably be from Leicester or less. And the gap between Chelsea’s fourth-placed team with Southampton is 10 points – completely able to level in the remaining 13 rounds.

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Of course, it will be difficult for Burnley, Southampton to do miracles, but Arsenal is different. They are still a giant with many stars and fairly stable performance under the new coach Mikel Arteta.

Quite unbelievable, but Arsenal has been one of the few European teams unbeaten since the beginning of 2020. Although most are draws, at least Arteta has built a solid defensive play for “Gunners”.

Everton – the team right above Arsenal, are not appreciated for ambition this season, but Wolverhampton and Sheffield United are different. Both are interesting “dark horses” of the tournament with very good confrontation record against big teams.

The name Wolverhampton has been associated with the brand “giants-killer” (killer before the giants) since last season, while Sheffield is a serial phenomenon. This newly promoted team has beaten Arsenal as well as draw Chelsea, Tottenham, M.U in the first leg.

With the prize of a ticket to the European Cup in front of you, Wolverhampton and Sheffield promise to play more drastically at the end of the season.

Leicester is rated the worst among the giants but has a huge advantage in scores, so the main subjects of the top 4 race are probably Chelsea, Tottenham and M.U. And all three teams are having big personnel problems.

With M.U, they bought Bruno Fernandes but lost Marcus Rashford within the next 2 months. 3 matches completely stumbling in the English Premier League recently reflects the frail face of the “Red Devil” now lost the number one star in attack. Their expectation now lies with rookie striker Odion Ighalo.

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The loss of Tottenham is equally bad when Harry Kane is seriously injured, they are even more difficult than M.U when not buying any striker in the winter transfer period, even selling substitute striker Vincent Janssen. Tottenham is now only 2 strikers Son Heung-Min and 18-year-old Troy Parrott.

Chelsea is the most stable team at the moment without any stars due to injury, and no new recruits in the winter transfer window. Experience is the greatest weakness of coach Frank Lampard’s teachers, they started impressively in the first half of the season but lost their breath in the winter period.

Their 4-point advantage against Tottenham is not too significant, especially when they still face M.U, Tottenham, Liverpool and Manchester City for the rest of the season.