Rooney revealed the secret of Ronaldo’s weight gain while wearing a MU shirt

Wayne Rooney has just revealed the secret of Cristiano Ronaldo to gain weight faster while he is still playing for MU.

Cristiano Ronaldo owns a great body compared to his peers in the digital shorts. The Portuguese star has a big body, 6 pack abs, 7% fat percentage and up to 50% muscle rate. Ronaldo’s perfect body even made many bodybuilders jealous.

But before owning a desirable body like today, Ronaldo used to be so skinny, so sick, so alarming for a professional player. That is why the Portuguese players find ways to gain weight quickly.

Share on The Times, former teammate Wayne Rooney revealed a special secret of Ronaldo to gain weight quickly while still playing for MU.

Rooney tiết lộ bí quyết tăng cân của Ronaldo khi còn khoác áo MU

“I have many memories with Cristiano (Ronaldo). When I first came to MU, we used to play games and practice together. I remember we went to McDonald’s the night before a game because he wanted to eat a big hamburger (Big Mac type)”.

“He tried to gain weight very fast because he was so thin. We were on our way to the hotel, but I had to drive through the store to let him buy a really big McDonald’s. ”

As revealed by McDonald’s, a Big Mac cake of this company can contain up to 540 calories. This explains why Ronaldo enjoyed eating McDonald’s hamburger while he was playing in England.

But to own the perfect body like today, Ronaldo also has to follow a regime of training, eating and resting extremely scientifically for many years.

Portuguese players eat up to 6 meals a day with a high-protein, low-fat menu, preferring whole grains, fruits, salads and lean protein foods that are abundant in fish such as swordfish, sea bass, and fish caskets or cod.

He also worked hard in the gym after practising with the whole team. Whether in the holidays or on leave, Ronaldo has never neglected training to maintain his desirable body shape.

Rooney tiết lộ bí quyết tăng cân của Ronaldo khi còn khoác áo MU

Besides, the Portuguese star also attaches great importance to the rest to restore fitness. He sleeps at least 8 hours a day, along with 5 naps during the day. It is this diet, exercise, and scientific rest that has helped CR7 maintain his full fitness to continue scoring goals for Juventus at the age of 35.