Shevchenko and the sad years at Chelsea (Part 6)

The logistics staff with the players, Gary Staker, is one of Sheva’s rare friends, because he speaks Italian. Substitute keeper Carlo Cudicini is a different person. Later on there was Branislav Ivanovic, because the defender spoke Russian.

Then during a period of the season, Sheva scored three goals in three matches in a row. All three times he was paired with Drogba. Stamford Bridge then dreamed of a dream combination, especially in the 4-0 win over Watford, where Drogba scored a hat-trick and Sheva scored the other goal.

But by January 2007, this dream was broken. Droga is no longer comfortable with Sheva in the attack. Later, he recounted: “I didn’t see his goodwill cooperation. Perhaps because of a great deal, Sheva was under pressure to prove himself with goals. At first, I was very happy. “But when you help someone, you’re waiting for a reward. And even though I tried to put myself in his shoes, I still had to put the team first.”

In fact, Drogba himself is part of the problem. Mikel explained: “Didier always liked challenges. The harder the match, the bigger the competition was, the more he tried to prove it. And that was the problem when Sheva arrived, Drobga tried to improve the stage. up his show to prove he’s the main character “.

“But I saw it in training sessions, Didider tried to help Sheva. When the training session ended, they had their own training sessions. Lampard also helped Sheva a lot. They always encouraged other teammates to join.” , Mikel added.

With a sharp turn and a left-footed finish into the far corner, Shevchenko silenced the White Hart Lane stands and reminded everyone of his rank. Many Chelsea fans were present in the 2-1 victory in the FA Cup quarter-final in March 2017: only this goal was worth the transfer.

Many members of the Chelsea dressing room are also excited. Mikel recalls: “We all thought, ‘Wow, Sheva is really here.’ It was a superb finish. We thought this was the start of some great things to come.” After this goal, everything will work out. But it never happened. Sheva is never Sheva at AC Milan again. “

“It’s not that Sheva didn’t score. Chelsea tried to stimulate the explosion. Everyone tried to help him. But he didn’t score when we needed it. He was close to 30, and we all know in At that age, a player will lose a little bit of everything.”