Top the best footballer in Premier League of 2019

The Premier League of 2019 has been closed with many positive memories about footballers. They are the key to make wonderful football matches for spectators all over the world.

This article will share top the best footballer in Premier League of 2019.

10) Aaron Wan-Bissaka

He is playing at Manchester United. Before the season, Aaron was transferred to from Crystal Palace to MU with 50$. This amount is not small for a transition. But Aaron proves that he deserves to be transferred with this price. At his position, he tackles and runs with the ball and opponents wonderfully.

In general, Aaron completes successful his role at the full-back for MU.

9) Joao Moutinho

He is playing at Wolves. He is also transferred with 5$ within 18 months. This budget is reasonable for any club to own Joao. Although his football team is defeated in the final match by Tottenham but he still expresses he is an excellent player for this season with a vision and first touch unsurpassed in the Premier League.

8) Trent Alexander-Arnold

He is playing at Liverpool. He has set-pieces extremely well in this season with about 15 assists and 50-yard cross-field balls.

The fact that he is a great defensive in Liverpool. By his talent as well other connections from his team, Liverpool becomes the best Champions League for this season.

7, Wilfred Ndidi

He is playing at Leicester City. With the current form, he is considered as the best defensive midfielder in this Premier League. He looks a tackling machine to solve all prevent all interceptions as well notch more tackles in this season.

Wilfred is considered as the most balanced midfield of any football club. The fact that, he is transferred with 17m dollars bargain from Genk to this club now.