Premier League VAR technology: ‘Why not red cards?’

English football coaches and commentators have strongly criticized VAR technology, after neglecting many serious errors that affected at least 3 teams in matches in the 27th Premier League.

The first VAR reaction was in Chelsea’s 2-1 win at Tottenham on the evening of February 22, when referee Michael Oliver did not penalize the red card for midfielder Lo Celso (Tottenham) after a straight kick on the foot of defender Azpilicueta in the 52nd minute.


Coach Lampard reacted violently: “It was an extremely dangerous situation, which could cause the Azpilicueta’s leg to break. The referee must penalize immediately (red card) without waiting for a check in Stockley Park (VAR’s operations center of the English Premier League). But then the game went on normally, so something was definitely wrong”.

On BBC Sport, commentator Mark Chapman saw the situation angrily immediately sent a message to the Executive Board of the English professional football match (PGMOB) to complain that: “Why not red card penalty? , please explain to us. ”

VAR decided not to get a red card, so the referee on Oliver’s yard also agreed not to sanction. However, in addition to Lampard, English football commentators such as former Manchester United goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel insisted that VAR was not needed and the referee on the pitch was decided enough because the situation was very dangerous. and clear.

After the match, commentator Chapman also tweeted on social media Twitter to the VAR referees in Stockley Park for further questioning and received the reply VAR referee team saw wrong, it was really 1 red card.

Not stopping there, in the next matches such as Bournemouth lost to Burnley 0-3, VAR caused a storm, causing Eddie Howe after the game: “We were treated very cruelly.”

In this match after Burnley took a 1-0 lead in the 53rd minute, 61 minutes Harry Wilson scored 1-1 for Bournemouth. However, this goal was not only rejected but also transferred to Burnley, who was awarded a penalty of 11m to increase the score to 2-0.


Accordingly, VAR referees from Stockley Park determined that before Harry Wilson scored, a Bournemouth player, Adam Smith, passed the ball back and used the ball in the box. Therefore, the referee rejected the goal and awarded Burnley a penalty of 11m.

In the late game this morning, Man City won Leicester 1-0, there were also two situations where the host Leicester should be entitled to an 11m penalty, but the VAR referee did not handle it. Those were two situations when James Maddison had a free kick on Kevin de Bruyne’s hand in the penalty area, and Kelechi Iheanacho was blocked by goalkeeper Ederson in the penalty area.

At heterogeneous decisions, VAR technology is really confusing to the viewers and the English football commentators.